Meeting Notes from March 13, 2018
By Neil Gambow, Scribe
Photography by John Searles
Meeting called to order by President Marv at 7:15 a.m. on the dot and the Rotary Pledge was led by Harold Bauer. Marv made a number of comments on the success and importance of the RYLA program. He showed a t-shirt with written comments from students who attended.
Helen Oloroso – She appealed to the club for assistance in set-up and teardown of the room for this month. It has been difficult as the team for the month is pretty short on people. Nick Powers is the team leader and would welcome some help for the rest of the month.
Chris Joyce – Thanked Marv for his RYLA work. Then he announced that Jane Lowicki has asked that we consider attending the “Pathways to Peace” meeting at RI on April 10 from 6:00 – 7:15 p.m. Speakers include Rotary Peace Fellows and representatives from the University of Chicago.
Dave Simmons – Next fellowship meeting is at Terra & Vine on March 29 at 6:30 p.m. Reservations for 12 places have been made so please RSVP to Dave and book your spot early!!
Roasts & Boasts
Bill Vernon – Boasted/Roasted Don Gwinn for Rebuilding Together (boast) and making some snarky comments about no wheelbarrows to be found in Evanston (roast).
Bob Teska – Boasted Dale Bradley for allowing him to fill an empty head table seat at the Mayor’s State of Evanston Luncheon on Friday, March 9. He failed to register for the luncheon on time and went anyway!! Bob donated $50 to our foundation as payment for that seat.
Marisa Naujokas – Boasted her social media team for all the great work they are doing, especially on Facebook. Marv seconded that and urged members to “like” the page and leave comments on the page.
Lucas Albright – Boasted everyone who came to his apartment to help him pack for a move to another apartment in Evanston.
Linda Gerber – Boasted Dale Bradley for his comments at the Mayor’s State of Evanston Luncheon and for his willingness to run for Mayor. Of course, as Dale said, he will have to move to Evanston first and Jackie Mack will help!
Albert Menard suggested that we put the basket for dollars at the sign-in table and hope that it fills up on its own. Then he won’t get static for not raising enough money! Then he asked if St. Patrick was really borne and bred Irish. The answer was no, he was born in Britain – look it up!!
The Opioid Epidemic by Dr. Keith Sarpolis
Dr. Sarpolis, our club member, started by saying he has worked with Gateway Health Systems as a consultant for 20+ years and recently retired from his practice to go full time with them.
The Opioid Crisis is real, with deaths on an annual basis accelerating to the current level of 60,000 from overdosing. Most of these deaths are in people aged in the early
teens to mid-30s. While the trends for most health-related issues are declining, the trend for mental health and opioid addiction (not sure why these two are joined for reporting per Dr. Sarpolis) is rising.
CDC data shows we are facing an opioid epidemic. The last well-publicized epidemic was theAIDS epidemic where annual deaths peaked at 18,000 against the current annual deaths from opioid addiction at 60,000.
Addiction is a chronic disease. Medical studies link addiction to D2 receptors in the brain. The higher the number of receptors, the more prone to addiction. This is chronic because of this and the rate of recidivism of 40%. Most opioid use starts out as pain relief. Once addiction occurs, the pain of withdrawal (flu-like symptoms) is one that addicts try to avoid even though withdrawal is not life-threatening.
Most addicts get their introduction to opioids from physicians for pain treatment. Physicianshave several inducements to prescribe these drugs: no time to actually talk to a patient, just give them pills and hospital ratings for pain relief are rigged to make it worthwhile to prescribe opioids and get a good pain reduction rating.
Dr. Keith Sarpolis
Guests and Milestones
Myra Janus, Linc’s wife
Greg Kaiber, Northwestern Public Safety Person and former club member
Jay Colingham, potential member
Donald G. Cherco, a former Rotarian who is applying for membership
C – Our exchange student
Mary Gavin and another reporter from the Evanston Round Table
Joan Borg
Bruce Baumgartner
Club Anniversaries
Linc Janus – 3 years
Chuck Bartling – 21 years
Paul Harris Awards
Steve Goranson - +7
Linc Janus - +1
Don Gwinn - +5