Meeting of September 12, 2017

Meeting Notes from September 12, 2017
President Marv Edelstein convened the meeting and Elaine Clemens offered the Thought for the Day.
Don Gwinn announced that there are six bags of Guatemalan coffee remaining to be sold; members should contact him for purchase. 
John Searles reminded the club that the Evanston Lighthouse Beach Sweep will take place on Saturday, Sept. 26, beginning at 9 a.m.  Our club has provided the coordinators and workers for the clean-up for the past several years as a part of the Alliance for the Great Lakes’ “Adopt a Beach” program.  The effort is usually finished no later than noon and will take place regardless of the weather (except for lightning).  The beach is on the lakefront at Central Street, just east of Sheridan Road.
Zbig Skiba announced that the next meeting of “Rotary Means Business” will take place on Thursday, Sept. 21, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Rotary International (rooms A&B on the first floor).  Guests are welcome.  Click here to register.
Fran Caan brought several items that were left at the club picnic on Sept.  6 and thanked everyone who helped make it a fun evening for members and their guests.
Steve Steiber reminded the club of the ongoing fundraiser that is taking place online.  Members and anyone they know can purchase flower bulbs from this site, and a portion of the proceeds will help close the financial gap between our current resources and the projected costs of the service projects that we have set as our goals for this year.  Click here to participate.
Gary Peterson thanked the 14 people (and Brad Weiss’s one dog) who participated in the Golf Road Clean Up on Saturday, Sept. 9.
Elaine Clemens expressed thanks for all of the contributions she has received for the Texas Diaper Bank in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  The Community Service Committee will have its next meeting at 7 p.m. on Sept. 12 at Elaine’s home.
Helen Oloroso announced that a last-minute request for members to be allowed an open discussion about club meeting practices has resulted in a postponement of the planned balloting.
Marv Edelstein then stated that the board will plan for such a discussion at its meeting on Monday, Sept.  18.  The board meeting will take place at 7 p.m.  at the Hilton Garden Inn;  board meetings are open to all members of the club.  The plan for discussion and balloting will be communicated immediately to the club following the meeting.
Special Presentation
Taste of Evanston Awards
Linda Gerber gave a detailed accounting of the many tasks performed by the members of the Taste of Evanston fundraising committee and profusely thanked all who contributed to that effort over many months.
Charlotta Koppanyi then presented checks to the representatives of the three local organizations which each received $10,000 from the proceeds of the Taste of Evanston.
Hecky Powell and Nancy Baker were on hand to receive the check for the Evanston Work Ethic Program, which will be spent to fund grants for students.
Lou Dickson thanked the club for the award to Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse, which will put the funds toward the hiring of a fulltime training director.
Audrey Landolle spoke on behalf of No Boundaries/J.J.’s List and thanked the club for its contribution which will help the organization continue its personalized coaching for clients with disabilities.
Heartland Rhythms - Linda Schneider, Founder
Linda Schneider, J.D., M.F.A., is the founder of Heartland Rhythms, based in Evanston. A former attorney, writer, and college instructor, Linda explained the route that led her to pursue drumming and facilitating:
“Growing up, I studied piano and voice, and I loved music, but it was not until 2010 when I took a class at Omega Institute with David Darling, Grammy-winning cellist and a founder of the organization Music for People, that I discovered making music in the moment,” Linda says.
“The sense of joy and playfulness I felt was intoxicating and empowering. I flashed back to being 2 years old, with no 'right' or 'wrong' way to make music, with every sound I created being spectacular. Once I experienced that, I had to find a way to include it in my life.”
Linda gave many illustrations of the benefits of group drumming, which include health, motivation, community-building, self-empowerment, enhanced self-esteem, and relief from the structure and thinking of everyday life.  Heartland Rhythms provides programs to a wide range of clients, from employers, faith-based communities and congregations, community organizations, and even family gatherings.  People of all ages and backgrounds can participate and no musical background or training is required.
To prove this point, Linda passed out bags of instruments that included shakers, bells, wooden blocks, drums, cymbals, etc. and engaged the group in several drumming-related musical experiences.  The exercise was fun and engaging.
Linda Schneider, drumming up interest in Heartland Rhythms
Guests and Milestones
Audrey Landolle, Development Manager, Search Inc., No Boundaries
Tricia Luzadder, Search Inc. No Boundaries
Linda Schneider, Speaker, Heartland Rhythms
Patida Phanittbullawat, Rotary Youth Exchange student from Thailand (sponsored by ELRC)
Lee Cole, Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse
Lou Dickson, Executive Director,  Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse
Tom Reinfranck, Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse
Nancy Baker, Executive Director, Evanston Work Ethic Program
Natalie Joy, Evanston Work Ethic Program
Hecky Powell, Founder, Evanston Work Ethic Program
Elizabeth O’Connor, FastSigns Lincolnwood, guest of John Osterland   
Gerry Baumann, September 15
Club Anniversaries
Gary Peterson, 11 years  
Albert Menard, 3 years