The Light for April 16, 2019
By Kathy Tate-Bradish
Photography by John Searles
President Kristin Brown announced that it was backwards day in order to conserve time for the Sergeant-at-Arms, so we started with the Four Way Test followed by Roasts and Boasts. The meeting proceeded in reverse order from 7:30 – 8:00. (The Light proceeds in the usual order.)
During this eventful week - Holy Week (for Christians), with Friday being the Buddhist New Year and Jewish Passover, and the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral, Charlotta Koppanyi turned to Franklin D. Roosevelt for our Thought for the Day: “In these days of difficulty, we Americans everywhere must and shall choose the path of social justice...the path of faith, the path of hope, and the path of love toward our fellow man.”
ETHS student Brynn Aaronson gave a short talk about her organization, Educate Girls Everywhere, which she founded after learning that many girls in the world can’t go to school. Educate Girls Everywhere has a campaign going right now on their student run digital platform to raise money for CAMFED Zambia to provide money for tuition, uniforms, books, supplies, boarding, and disability aids to help girls attend school. We can help by purchasing merchandise or making a donation at, and by helping to get the word out.
Brynn Aaronson
Sam Attaguile, VP of the newly formed Chicago Lakeshore Rotaract Club, comprised of young professionals who work at Rotary International, invited us to the induction of new officers on Tuesday, May 21, from 3-4 p.m. in the RI auditorium. The ELRC and the Rotary Club of Evanston (noon club) are the sponsors of the new Rotaract Club. Welcome!
Kristin Brown - the noon club is hosting its annual Pizza Fest at Gigio’s immediately after the induction on the 21st. All are welcome.
Harold Bauer updated us on Senyo, the young Ghanaian man whose back surgeries we have contributed to. Senyo was rescued from slavery by Right to be Free ( He required spinal reconstruction surgery due to injuries during his slavery. Senyo is recuperating well and doing well in school. Harold reminded us that we contribute both to organizations that help many, and also to individuals whose lives are profoundly changed by our contributions.
Don Gwinn - looking for volunteers to sign up for Rebuilding Together April 25-27. Fill out the sheet on the tables or email him.
Neil Gambow - our next inbound Rotary Exchange Student will be a young man from Thailand. Neil is looking for three families willing to host for 12 weeks each. Let Neil know if you can do it, or if you know someone who might.
Chris Joyce – RYLA attendees and possibly some parents will attend the club meeting on April 30. We need to be flexible as to venue, as we may have up to 100 attendees. He implores us to let him know if we’re not going to attend, as he has to order food.
Ann Searles – our club is once again a sponsor of the Aging Well Conference. Ann will send out an email with details.
Susan Prout has sent out the quarterly bills. Let her know if you didn’t get one. Now is the time to change from continental to full breakfast or vice versa if you wish. A reminder that the continental breakfast includes all cold foods plus oatmeal, and the full breakfast also includes bacon and eggs.
Roasts & Boasts
Bill Glader boasted everyone who brought in food for Streetwise.
Lesley Peters roasted herself for putting her club foundation dollar into Don Gwinn’s coffee cup, and boasted Don for being a good sport about it.
Jackie Mack boasted Gui Isfer Garcia. Jackie picked Gui up at 7:45 Sunday morning, and he helped setting up the dressing rooms for Dreams Delivered, the Prom boutique at the Woman’s Club, with his usual good humor.
Ann Searles boasted everyone who has brought yellow translucent pill bottles for the Lion’s Club collection for Haiti; they have nearly 50,000.
Holly Halliday boasted Elaine Clemens, who played the organ at Holly’s son’s wedding 17 years ago.
Kristin Brown boasted everyone who used the mike, reminding us that no matter how booming your voice, there are usually people behind you in the room. Your scribe reminds you that it is also an accommodation for people with hearing loss, just as we are happy to make accommodations for people with other disabilities.
Sergeant-at-Arms Al Menard reminded us to contribute to both the Club Foundation and The Rotary Foundation.
Al Menard soliciting roasts and boasts
Paul Harris Award
Harold Bauer inducted Kathy Tate-Bradish into the Paul Harris Foundation, and thanked her for her active participation in the club.
Harold  Bauer and Kathy Tate-Bradish
Interfaith Action of Evanston
Speaker: Sue Murphy, Executive Director, Interfaith Action of Evanston

Joan Borg introduced Sue Murphy, who has been the Executive Director of Interfaith Action for 22 years. Interfaith Action of Evanston brings together communities of faith and spirit to serve people who are hungry and homeless.

Sue began her presentation with a moving video that can be found on the homepage of Interfaith Action ( She updated it with some of the progress that Interfaith has made in the past months, most importantly that the overnight shelter was able to be open every night until March 31, rather than only on days that fell below 15 °. The first emergency overnight shelter in Evanston opened 13 years ago and could only be open at 0 ° and lower! Volunteers set up at 7 p.m., guests are let in at 9 p.m. but begin lining up an hour earlier to get good spots near outlets so they can charge their phones.  Overnight volunteers spend the night, and clean-up volunteers come at 6 a.m. Then the guests can go to the hospitality center for breakfast. About 35-40 guests avail themselves of breakfast most mornings.
Although the overnight shelter stayed open more nights than ever before, people experiencing homelessness slept outside during the snowfall we had several days ago. Evanston doesn’t (yet) have shelter for everyone every night of the year. About 35 people stay overnight at the shelter on average through the winter, with 42 during the coldest nights of the polar vortex.

Among other Interfaith initiatives, 250 families receive free produce from the Producemobile twice a month, with help from the Greater Chicago Food Pantry and the City of Evanston. Interfaith coordinates soup kitchens seven days a week, serving about 120 for dinner and 70-80 for lunch. There’s a hospitality center at St. Marks from 7 – 11 a.m. every day with a computer lab and employment counseling among other services. The computer lab at the hospitality center is important because people who experience homelessness have a difficult time accessing computers that must be signed up for at a specific time. At the hospitality center they try to say “yes.” Children who are neglected don’t get yes messages, and people experiencing homeless don’t either. Interfaith also coordinates warming centers from November to March, with different faith communities in downtown Evanston sharing the hosting.

Sue stressed that people experiencing homelessness are treated with respect in Evanston at every shelter and every soup kitchen.

Sue Murphy and Kristin Brown
Guests and Milestones
Keith Banks, Executive Director of Reba Place Development Corp., guest of Randy Usen
Phil Hemmer, Executive Director of Three Crowns Park, guest of Bob Teska
Sam Attaguile, VP of the Chicago Lakeshore Rotaract Club
Brynn Aaronson, speaker, founder of Educate Girls Everywhere, ETHS student, Women’s Empowerment Club leader
Louise Bond, ETHS student, Women’s Empowerment Club leader
Clare Newcomb, ETHS student, Women’s Empowerment Club leader, daughter of Harvey
Leia Kendal Sohn, ETHS student, Women’s Empowerment Club leader
Dar Anderson, ETHS, Women’s Empowerment Club member
Sue Murphy, speaker, Executive Director of Interfaith Action
Fran Caan, April 18
Steve Goranson, April 18
Jim McGuire, April 18
Club Anniversaries
Helen Oloroso, 10 years
Bill Vernon, 16 years