International Projects This Year
1.  St. John School Residential Construction Project (India) -   
     Member Sponsor:  Gary Schultz
     At the 5/5/16 meeting, the ISC committed $2,500 for the St. John School Residential Construction project.  Fund was disbursed.
2.  Smile Train:  Training of 10 surgeons in oral surgery (The Philipines) 
     Member Sponsor:  Linda Gerber
     ISC approved $5,000 to support this project.
3.  ShelterBox for Haiti (Hurricane Matthew relief) -  
      ISC approved $1,000 on 10/18/2016 in support of the devastation done by Hurricane Matthew.
4.  The ABCs of Sex Education Global Grant (Kenya) -
      Member Sponsor:  Ad Hoc Global Grant Committee
      ISC approved a multi-year commitment towards a global grant with a $5,000 grant from the 2016-17 club budget.
5.  Right to Be Free (International) -
      Member Sponsor:  Harold Bauer
      ISC committed to $750 to the program on 1/16/2017
6.  Haiti Outreach Global Grant (Haiti) -                     
      Club Sponsors:  Gary Peterson and Yves Lassere
      Local donations of $1,500 were made in additional to the $2,500 in the previous year
7.   Global Grant #1750431 - Laparoscopic Surgeries (Bolivia)  
      Rotary Club Chicago, Solidarity Bridge, and its partner Puente de Solidaridad, seek to enhance hernia, gall bladder, colon and other general surgeries performed at the Viedma Hospital in Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2017-18 through equipping this hospital with a laparoscopic tower specifically for the general surgery unit of the hospital.  ISC committed $1,500 to support this project.