The Light for September 17, 2019
By Chris Joyce
Photography by John Searles
President Helen Oloroso opened the meeting with a welcome and lead us in a recitation of the Rotary pledge. John Searles presented the Thought For the Day, a quote from Mark Twain.
Helen Oloroso had several announcements:
Our district is looking for 100 volunteers to work as bellringers with the Salvation Army Christmas collection at Woodfield on Friday,  Dec. 6. Check the District website for details. Deadline for volunteering is Oct. 11.
Mark Mahoney, Rotary International president this year, will be our speaker Oct. 1. One of his goals is to advance women as Rotary leaders. There are currently three women Rotary Board Directors. His goal is to increase this number to five.
District 6440 is sponsoring a fall training session at Harper College the morning of Oct. 19. Topics to be covered include membership, fundraising, international service, and public image. Watch for details.
The District is also sponsoring a membership mentoring seminar on Nov. 6, 3:30-5:30 p.m., at Willis Towers.
Lily Hickman of the Alzheimer’s Association announced the upcoming Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s Event, to be held in Lake County on Oct. 5 and at Soldier Field on Oct. 26. She would appreciate it if Rotarians would attend the event. More details to follow.
Chris Joyce discussed the recent Club Service Committee meeting. He said planning has begun for the club’s 35th anniversary celebration next June.
Please provide our speaker chair, Jackie Mack, with any speakers ideas that you might have. It is a big job to fill every weekly meeting.
There will be some changes coming for scribing. We presently have only three active scribes. For example, the scribes will be asking those with announcements and roasts to email the scribe with details if the announcer wants the information in the Light. If you are interested in being a scribe, please talk to Helen, Joan, or Chris. If you feel that scribes do not provide enough details on any speech/announcement, please watch the recording of the meeting.
Susan Prout announced the meeting of the Community Service Committee is tonight, 7:30-8:30 p.m., at her house, 1743 Wesley Ave.
Sam Lovering discussed his sail boat ride yesterday with this year’s foreign exchange students. Eight students were on board.
Sam Lovering and the exchange students out for a sail
Ann Searles, our Sunshine person, had several announcements:
Paul Weber is recovering from spine surgery. He thanks the club for the card. Another card for him is circulating.
Nick Powers is recovering and will return soon. A card is also circulating for him.
Ira Graham was delighted to attend the club picnic.
Ira Graham at our club picnic
Ann is taking orders for Rotary shirts.
Steve Steiber is doing a straw poll concerning new ideas for the Holiday Sale. While still not complete, it appears the club is in favor of adding spirits.
Ann Weatherhead announced the upcoming party at the Evanston History Center Thursday highlighting the “Spirited: Prohibition in America” exhibit. It is free.
Ann Weatherhead and Linda Gerber went to the Joining Forces meeting last week and are now serving on committees with that group. Also, go see the exhibit on the second floor at the Civic Center on Redlining.
Linda Gerber announced that the next meeting of the International Service Committee will be Monday, Sept. 23, 7:15-8:30 a.m., in the Rotary Cafeteria. The speaker will be from RI. Also, planning for this year will begin. Be sure to make your reservation at Table 23 at Koi before the end of the month,  as our club’s foundation will be a recipient of Koi contributions.
Linda Gerber and Charlotta Koppanyi took a trip this past weekend on a bus along with 100 other people to Selma and Montgomery, Ala. on the “Uncomfortable Journey-Evanston”. Charlotta’s picture was on the front page of Monday’s Tribune with the article describing the journey. Please watch the recording of the meeting to get a true understanding of just how enlightening and inspiring this journey was for Linda and Charlotta.
Yeah, that's our Charlotta on the front page of the Chicago Tribune
Fran Caan has several items left at her house after the picnic and will bring them next week.
Roasts & Boasts
Harold Bauer boasted Fran Caan for hosting the picnic and for getting Bill and Heather Anderson for donating their place in Door County as an auction item at the Taste. Harold and Karen thoroughly enjoyed their stay there.
Malu Simon boasted her daughter, who just got engaged and is also soon to graduate from dental school.
Helen Oloroso boasted Carol Bild for her help with shopping for the picnic. They had a great time shopping.
Helen also boasted Jeff Owen and Marisa Naujokas for all of their work in getting the club Foundation budget finalized and adopted by the Board.
Topic: Youth & Opportunity United (Y.O.U.)
Speakers: Krysta Michorczyk & Jennifer Simpson Leigh
Jennifer has been at Y.O.U. for 2 months. She has spent her career in service to children and youth. She has her Master’s degree from the University of Chicago. She lives in Evanston.
The motto for Y.O.U. is expanding opportunity, empowering youth. Y.O.U. partners with youth and their families, schools, enrichment providers, and the larger community to provide academic, social, and emotional support to close the opportunity gap and prepare all youth for post-secondary and life success.
From their new headquarters on Church Street, across from Evanston Township High School, Y.O.U. provides a continuum of out-of-school programing for Third toTwelfth graders. Their holistic approach integrates clinical services and family engagement into academic, social-emotional, and enrichment programming.
Y.O.U.’s strategy is encompassed in its Universal Structure. There are many parts to the structure. STEM and literacy programming is available, including homework help. Emotional and social support is provided. Enrichment programming, such as dance, photography, and urban farming is an important part of the structure.
Entrepreneurship, social justice, and transition components are also involved. Relationships, both within the program and outside, are stressed. There are always high expectations.
The programming is built within the fundamental framework “Foundations for Youth Adult Success” by the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research.
Y.O.U. provides programming at school-based sites after school and during the summer. Sites are selected to support under-served populations with the highest concentration of low-income students. Community programming and youth outreach are also offered at their center. They serve about 1,600 students a year, more than 50,000 in their almost 50-year history. “Potential is universal. Opportunity is not. Our job is to fill the gaps.”
Helen Oloroso with Jennifer Simpson Leigh and Krysta Michorczyk of Y.O.U.
Guests & Milestones
Jennifer Simpson Leigh & Krysta Michorczyk, of Y.O.U
Sue Bova, guest of Kristin Brown and host of foreign exchange students
Lily Hickman, Alzheimer’s Association
Sue Patel, IWSE
Kersten Alischoewski, wife of Dave Simmons and soon to be Associate Member
Jeff Owen
Napat Supapsuntorn (“Potter”) Youth Exchange Student from Thailand
Gerry Baumann
Louis Allred
Lincoln Janus
Club Anniversary
Albert Menard, 5 years with ELRC and 25 years as a Rotarian
Next Week’s Speaker
Bryant Wallace, Cybersecurity
 Dave Simmons and  MaLu Simon 
Thought for the Day
Jim McGuire