The Light for January 8, 2018
By Neil Gambow
Photography by John Searles
Meeting called to order by President Kristin at 7:30 a.m.  on the dot, followed by reciting Why We Are Rotarians.  Thought for the day from Ann Searles who read a poem written by 11-year old Mary Ellen Barker entitled Peace and Hope.
President Kristin recognized Stacy and Amber, who faithfully take care of all our meeting needs, including food and set-up.
Rotary World – Kristin Brown
  • January is Vocational Service Month
  • Next week is the International Assembly meeting for all new District Governors.
Board Meeting Summary – Kristin Brown
  • Discussed results of streaming and recording the meetings for members who cannot attend in person.  Soliciting comments via Survey Monkey.
  • Strategic Committee met and our Club is officially a member of the Local Affordable Housing Group consisting of 30 participating non-profit organizations.   
Kathy Tate-Bradish:
  • Dave Feeley is still looking for judges for DECA on Jan. 25.  A Club e-mail will be sent with details.
  • The Block Museum is having an opening for a new exhibit, “Caravan of Gold,” featuring African art on Jan. 26.
  • The Women in Rotary event still has a few spaces left.
Bill Vernon – Boy Scout Troop 929 (we sponsor them) is holding a fund raiser, “Bourbon and Music,” on Jan.  12 at the American Legion Hall from 7-11 p.m.
Dave Simmons – First United Methodist and three other churches are now set up to offer overnight sleeping accommodations for homeless individuals regardless of outside temperature.  Volunteers are needed to help staff the overnight program.  More information will be sent out via ClubRunner. 
Ann Searles – Reminded everyone about the dinner at 90 Mile on Tuesday,  Jan.  15, at 6 p.m.  Let her know if you want to come. 
Mary Bak (Assistant District Governor) – Alerted everyone to a survey being sent out to all District Rotarians concerning what more the District can do to support Clubs.  She urged all of us to respond. 
Linda Gerber – Reminded us of Officers and Gentlemen event on the flyer at each seat.  If you are planning to go, bring a necktie to show the kids how to tie one.
Bill Glader – Taste of Evanston meeting, including a pot luck dinner, is set for his house at 733 Asbury Ave., for Wednesday, Jan. 16, starting at 7 p.m.  Let him know if you are coming and what you are bringing.
Harold Bauer – updated us on the Rotary Foundation.
Roasts & Boasts
Charlotta Koppanyi – Boasted Chris Joyce for his work on RYLA and working with Evanston organizations on getting a more diverse population of students applying; and that every time members of the committee has suggested different organizations such as Curt’s, Chessman Club, WE, Connection for the Homeless, Job Youth Center, An Officer and Gentleman Academy, etc. Chris’ response is always “I am on it” or “already done.”
Linc Janus – Boasted Leslie Peters for figuring out how to include our “Friends of Rotary” members on ClubRunner messages.
Helen Oloroso – Boasted Marv, Bruce and Don for their work on developing the technology to stream our meetings. 
Over the Rainbow (OTR)
Speakers: Katie Metz Lori, Katlin Lavel
OTR is an affordable housing organization specializing in housing for disabled individuals.  They provide both housing and programming to keep disabled persons living longer, in safe surroundings and independent.  Currently they have 11 apartment communities spread throughout the Chicagoland area with three more approved and under construction.  One of the existing apartment buildings is in Evanston. Two more in the regional area are in the planning stages.
Programming services include mental health treatment, social services benefits, job search, school and other training for employment.   Funding is provided by the Federal Government for construction and staffing.  All other programs are funded through periodic fund raisers.  They can continue their building program because of a tax credit system that allows OTR to make a profit on the units and put that towards new construction.  Recent fund raisers in 2018 included:
  • April 7 – Music – No Limits.  This is a program to simply raise awareness   
  • September 16 – OTR Bike Challenge
  • October 7 – Gallery OTR which is an art show featuring work by their residents shown at the Evanston Art Center.
Residents range from bed-ridden through high-functioning people who are very mobile.  Some 60 percent of their residents are in wheel chairs.  Residents arrange for their own assistance such as attendants for bathing.  They pay no mire than 30 percent of income for the residence itself.  Currently, there are very long waiting lists, up to five years.  A video was shown of the latest building and some of the activities of their residents. 
Our Community Service Committee has chosen ORT for our January collection.  They have suggested art supplies and cooking supplies.  More to come on that.  John Searles complemented them on their success as he has followed them for many years.
Harold asked if they had any concerns about funding given the current situation in Washington.  They expressed confidence they could navigate through any changes.
David Kirk (prospective member) asked about costs, etc.  Each building runs about $12 million for construction.  That is about $500 per square foot with each apartment being about 650 sq. ft. 
Kristin, Katie, and Katlin
Guests and Milestones
Visiting Rotarians
Margaret Sugert-Gactforu – Rotary Nigeria – flag exchange, too
Chris Griffin – Rotary Club of Chicago
Mary Bak – Assistant District Governor
Margaret Sugert-Gactforu exchanges banners with Kristin
Other Guests
Tahana Meza
David Kirk – prospective Member
Yves Lassere – And he is returning from leave!  Welcome back!!
Paul Harris Award
Harold Bauer - +2
Harold Bauer accepts his Paul Harris +2 pin from Kristin
Next Week's Assignments
GreetersBill Glader, Steve Goranson
Thought for the Day: Neil Gambow