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Meeting Notes from November 26, 2019
The Light for November 26, 2019
By Chris Joyce
President Helen Oloroso opened the meeting with a welcome and led us in a recitation of the Rotary pledge. Charlotta Koppanyi presented the Thought For the Day,“ from Baron De Montesquieu-”Come to the edge, we might fall. Come to the edge, it’s too high. Come to the edge! And they came, and he pushed, and they flew.”
Helen Oloroso announced that she had sent out an email yesterday to board members regarding a digital vote on a pending matter. Please read the email and vote. Also, she reminded the board that the December board meeting will be the 9th, not the 2nd.
Marisa Naujokas had several announcements:
Donate a ham to Evanston families in need. Email or to donate.
Remember that we are selling for the Holiday Sale so that we can fund important local and international projects. All payments go to Joan Borg, and write your order number on the form. There are volunteer sheets on the tables. Please sign up to help out.
Bruce Baumberger commented that he sent out yesterday an email showing sales to date. If you are going to pick up your items on any day other than the main date, please let him know which date and which items so that they are ready to be picked up.
John Searles announced to both old and new members that he will take a picture of the member to be included in the club directory. See him to have the picture taken if you are a new member or you want your photo updated.
Patrick Mbullo announced that the International Service Committee had met. They did grant evaluations on the following grant requests: Global grant for Restoring Smiles in Brazil, Eco-home construction in Mexico, Pamoja Women’s Empowerment Project in Kisumu, Kenya, and shipment of pill bottles to Haiti. Brad Weiss made a presentation at the meeting on the Weiss Scholarship Foundation.
Kathy Tate-Bradish commented that the club spends what we raise from the Holiday Sale on very worthy projects and fill many needs. This sale is vital. Also, be sure to seek out our new members, Sue Bova, Vashti Araia, and Willie Steiner, say hello, and sign their sheets.
Joan Borg announced that the first deposit of Holiday Sales funds has been made to the bank, in the amount of $4,200. If there are any issues, please talk to Joan, Bruce Baumberger, or Steve Goranson.
Marv Edelstein asked for volunteers to come and sit with him at the front table to learn about streaming and recording the meeting.
Roasts & Boasts
Marisa Naujokas boasted Kristin Brown and Jean Saunders for their successful Ride to Fund Polio Research in Tucson last week.
Helen Oloroso boasted her daughter-in-law Alexa, who recently became a partner in a salon in Logan Square, Penny Lane, which was recently voted the No.1 salon in Chicago by The Reader. They do all the hair styling for actors in off-Loop productions.
Marv Edelstein boasted our secretary, Lincoln Janus, for all of the work that he does for the club. Much of this work is behind the scenes and club members may not be aware of the work.
Topic: Brainstorming Workshop led by Helen Oloroso.
There were three topics for brainstorming:
Learning Opportunities-What, if anything, can the club do to provide learning opportunities?
Prospect Motivators-How can we engage with prospective or new members for whom altruism is not a key motivator?
Leadership Development-What can the club do to develop members into committee or board leadership positions?
Each table was assigned a question. One person at the table was the scribe for that table. The scribe will write up the notes and email them to Zbig Skiba, who will consolidate the notes into a report which will be presented to the club at a later date.
Guests & Milestones
Napat Suppsuntorn (“Potter”), Youth Exchange Student from Thailand
Dale Bradley
Next Week
Katherine Egan, Co-Manager, Foster Street Urban Agriculture Program
Kate Collinson
Kate at a recent Habitat for Humanity project in Paraguay
Brad Weiss and Ann Weatherhead
Thought for the Day
Dave Simmons