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Meeting Notes from May 19, 2020
The Light for May 19, 2020
By Chris Joyce
President Helen Oloroso opened the meeting with a welcome and led us in a recitation of the Rotary pledge.
Katherine Peterson gave the Thought for the Day: "In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers."  --Fred Rogers
Helen announced that there will be a special Board meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, May 20, at 7 p.m. to discuss new grant opportunities, both District and Global, and how our funds can
best be leveraged. 
Kathy Tate-Bradish announced this week’s Taste of  Evanston restaurants: Hewn, Ten Mile House, and Temperance. Please see her email for details.
Marissa Naujokas is on a job search, primarily in the bio-medical communication and information management areas. She is also interested in writing for science and general
interest magazines. Please let her know if you have any leads for her.
Bryant Wallace is on the Evanston Community Foundation board. He thanked the club for our generous donation to the Rapid Response Fund. The funds have been used to help
numerous local not-for-profit organizations.
Linda Gerber announced that we have a signed contract with Linda Bouvilom, of Admin Creative, to create and implement a three-month virtual Taste of Evanston digital donation campaign
from June 1 through August. 
As part of this campaign, we will build a new website with links back to We will offer custom sponsor packages in exchange for
advertising space externally and within the club.
Corporate sponsors will have a logo and link on the new site, which will also be included in social media and email marketing campaigns upon request from the sponsor. We’ll keep you up to date with more announcements as this process gets off the ground.
Marv Edelstein announced a Technology Committee meeting for tomorrow morning, May 20, at 8 a.m. 
Lincoln and Myra Janus reported that Potter, this year’s foreign exchange student, was on his way home to Thailand. He should arrive in Bangkok in several hours.

Bruce Baumberger announced that there will be no live 4th of July parade. Instead, the committee is working on a virtual parade, to be aired July 4 at 2 p.m. He shared a video of the
parade from 2005. More details to come.
Topic: Staying Sane During and After COVID-19
Speaker: Dr. Mary Berge
Mary grew up in Southern California, where she received her Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She resides in Johnstown, Penn., where she works as a Licensed
Psychologist in her own private practice. She is a long time Rotarian, having held numerous District positions, including Governor, and also Zone positions, including Zone 29
membership coordinator. She and her husband are Paul Harris Fellows and Major Donors to the Rotary Foundation.
As we all know, this is a very difficult time. The pandemic has uprooted all of our lives, and introduced many changes and stresses into our lives. Mary shared some tips with us on how
to stay balanced and at least somewhat happy during this difficult time.
It is very important to avoid information overload. We receive a constant flow of information, from the television, print media, and social media. To start with, avoid or minimize social
media. There are too many rumors, conspiracy theories, and fake news. As for the more mainstream media, Mary recommends that you seek out information only twice a day.

Definitely avoid any hard news after 7 p.m., so that you have time to wind down before bed. Too much late news can affect your sleep.
Keep a regular routine. Set goals for the day, and keep them handy. Follow a regular schedule. Do not spend all day on the computer. Work in two-hour segments. At the end of the
segment, do something fun or relaxing for at least 10 minutes: read, walk, whatever you like.
Take care of yourself! In the first few weeks of the stay at home order, we may have eaten too much or enjoyed our relaxing drinks too much. Be sure to keep up your nutrition
and hydration goals for each day. Eat well, stay hydrated, drink minimally, and get lots of rest and exercise.
Under the stress of these trying times, our moods can shift dramatically. There are three chemicals that help to regulate our moods. Seratonin is a chemical that we can increase through
exercise. Oxytocin is increased through intimacy. Once the pandemic is over, we will all want lots and lots of hugs. And 
finally, dopamine, which helps us to be happy. Smile a lot,
using your eyes when you have a mask on.
Control your anxiety. Anxiety arises when we worry about things that have happened in the past, or that will happen in the future. Realize that such events are often beyond our
control. Anxiety contributes to our stress level, and is very bad for our health.
Two methods can help control anxiety. Practice deep breathing. Make use of bilateral sound therapy. David Grand on YouTube is a source for bilateral therapy.
Mary hopes that these tips can help us make it through these trying times. Practice mindfulness, meditate. Insight Timer is a great source on meditation techniques. Remember, this will
end some day.
Roasts and Boasts
Ann Searles boasted Horton Kellogg for his participation  in the video from the senior citizens at the Presbyterian Home to the graduates at Evanston Township High School. It is Horton’s 75th anniversary of his graduation from ETHS.
Neil Gambow boasted Linc and Myra Janus for the great care they gave to Potter over the past year, especially while all of the details were being worked out so that he could return toThailand.
Jean Saunders mentioned that this morning, on her walk, she noticed some of the trees we had planted a few years ago. She boasted Zbig Skiba and all of the others who worked on the project.
Guests and Milestones

Paul Brown

Club Anniversaries

Patrick Mbullo, 2 years
Kassandre McGovern, 1 year