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Meeting Notes from December 21, 2021
The Light for December 21, 2021
President Linda called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m. on the dot, with the ringing of the bell.
Holly Halliday read “Why We Are Rotarians,” followed by a thought for the day.
None received for this meeting, but members were reminded that we never meet between Christmas and New Years Day, which means that next Tuesday, Dec. 28, there will be no meeting. Our next meeting, therefore, will be Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022. We’ll still be meeting virtually, on Zoom, until we can get rid of this pesky COVID-19 pandemic.
Special Program
A 10-minute video “Coming Out in My Own Legacy of Peace” by Brien Rush was shown.  Brien was a Rotary Exchange student and spent a year in Brazil and delivered it at the 2020 International Assembly.  Brien is a member of the Castro San Franisco Rotary Club and is a member of the Rotary DEI Task Force   He talked about what he has learned speaking and working with Desmond Tutu, the Dali Lama, and Pope Francis about finding peace.  He described his concept of peace as “Peace Within,” Peace Between,” and “Peace Among.”  
After the film, Linda asked us to move to breakout rooms to discuss “We are inclusive in who we invite to our club, how we welcome guests, the topics we discuss, and the service we focus on.”  Agree? Disagree? Don’t know?  The groups reported back that we as a club are very good with inclusion, mindfulness of topics, belonging, and welcoming  
Roasts and Boasts
  • Ann Searles – Boasted Nick Powers for helping her deliver her holiday sales orders.
  • Joan Borg – Boasted Nick Powers for fighting with the mailbox (Nick says he lost!).
  • Kelly Fidei – Boasted Harold Bauer for organizing a meeting about human trafficking.
  • Keith Banks – Boasted our club for accommodating him at our holiday party and helping him get member signatures.  He also boasted our Club for supporting his Reba Place Annual fundraiser.
  • Marv Edelstein – Boasted President Linda for shaking up our club agenda for the day. 
  • Rebeca Mendoza – Boasted Toby Sachs (not present) for his leadership on the Evanston Art Council.
  • Ann Searles – Roasted Albert Menard for losing the battle with a step and having surgery on his leg.
  • Harold Bauer – Boasted Nick Powers, finally found something to boast about for him!
Topic: Chicago Voyagers
Speaker: Bernie Roof
Dan Coyne introduced Bernie Roof, who is Executive Director of Chicago Voyagers, an organization whose mission is to help at-risk teens change behavior through outdoor experiences.  He started his career as an engineer at Motorola and changed careers to become a trained clinical psychologist who understands brain research behind trauma to young minds. 
The program uses adventure therapy, the power of the outdoors, to counter adverse childhood experiences.Ten minds are still forming and growing.New relationships and experiences can strengthen mindfulness in these at-risk teens and counter the adverse effects that disrupt brain development.The program is usually 12 days long and has an 80-90% success rate for reduction in discipline problems, increase in G.P.A., Increase in confidence, increase in sense of character. His organization is now reaching out to “graduates” to evaluate the long-term effects of the program.
Most of the teens come from Chicago and the western suburbs.They are launching their first program in Evanston at Chute Middle School.A short video was shown focusing on commentary from some of the at-risk teens that were experiencing life-changing experiences.The joy on their faces and in their voices was very evident.
Guests and Milestones
Tina Nolan – guest of John Osterland
Myra Janus