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Internation Service Committee Meeting
One Rotary Center Lower Level Meeting Room
Nov 25, 2019
7:15 AM – 8:30 AM
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Meeting Notes from November 5, 2019
The Light for November 12, 2019
By Katherine Peterson
Photography by John Searles
Meeting called to order by President Helen Oloroso at 7:30 a.m., followed by the recitation of Why We Are Rotarians, and Thought for the Day provided by Bob Teska.  “The noblest art is that of making others happy.”  (PT Barnum of circus fame.)
No streaming guests.
President Helen asked that club Board members stay for a brief two-minute meeting at the conclusion of today’s meeting to deal with a Taste of Evanston issue.
Susanne Gibson of the District announced that every November and April they have a campaign to update  profiles in Club Runner.  Please update your profile.
The Indoor Ride to End Polio will be at the McGaw YMCA. Spend 30 minutes riding Sunday, Nov. 17. See details provided by Kristen Brown in her email.  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is matching contributions.  No fee to enter, although there is an ask to donate $30.
Kate Collinson stated that pre-Thanksgiving pecans for the Holiday Sale will be arriving at Gary Peterson’s office, Chicago Commercial Appraisal Group, 1234 Sherman Ave., Second Floor, Evanston, on or about Nov. 20.  If you have customers with early orders, you can pick them up there during normal business hours. 
Kristin Brown sought feedback from members, then stated that the Holiday Sale site is open for those comfortable on-line and those who routinely confirm delivery details.  The Holiday Sale Committee is working to refine things for those who cannot work on-line.  There is a new system and two easy ways to order: on-line or complete a form.  More refinements are in process and credit cards can be taken on-line.  The paper form option is still available for customers to give to Rotarians, and these orders may be left in the box at the meeting sign-in table.  Assistance can be provided from anyone on the Holiday Sale Committee.  The website,, is no longer in use.   Go to: instead.   An email with details will be sent later today and when Rotarians may go ahead and enter orders.  Pecans for tasting were provided at the meeting, with dark chocolate replacing milk chocolate.  Joan Borg thanked Kristin and Marissa.  Another member, whose name could not be deciphered from the form, thanked Bruce Baumberger and Steve Goranson for the new Holiday Website.
Chris Joyce announced the Club Service meeting Thursday, Nov. 14, at 7:30 a.m. at the RI cafeteria.
On behalf of Michael Merdinger, Chris Joyce thanked everyone who participated in the Youth Leadership Day at RI last Friday.  There were 34 students, wonderful speakers, and volunteers from our club that included Joy Joyce, Cassandra McGovern, Bob Teska, Kathy Tate-Bradish, Neil Gambow, Charlotta Koppanyi, and Linda Gerber, Myra Janus, Jackie Mack, Chris Joyce, Michael Merdinger, and Rotoractors who also helped.  It was a great day.  Linda Gerber later added that Patrick Mbullo and Miguel Hernandez provided great presentations on African and Latin American perspectives.  
Community Service Meeting at Susan Prout’s house tonight. Susan thanked the 11 Rotarians who helped pack diapers at Bundled Blessings last week as well as Harvey Newcombe’s wife and daughter.
Charlotta Koppanyi provided a written announcement:  “No Small Matter,” a documentary on the state and impact of early childhood education around the country, is being shown Wednesday, Nov. 20, free of charge, and co-hosted by Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club, among many others at the Evanston Township High School Auditorium, 1600 Dodge Ave.
Roasts & Boasts
Joy Joyce boasted ILL INI x 3.
Bruce Baumberger boasted Steve Goranson, who created a prototype for the Holiday Sale website collaborating with Kristin Brown as well as Bryant Wallace, who collectively created a team effort to implement a new system. 
Gary Peterson boasted Chip Uchtman for showing up today and encouraged any new members needing a signature to approach him immediately.
John Searles boasted Willy Steiger for buying Purdue vs. Northwestern football game tickets for $10 and enjoying the best game of the year.
Kathy Tate-Bradish boasted that she is hosting her daughter and son-in-law and almost 2-year-old twins and the roast is she is hosting those almost 2-year-old twins for two weeks.
Jean Saunders boasted Joy’s sister, Jane Lowicki, her colleague at RI, who had a UN tour and experienced the connection that Rotary has made to the UN.  She found it a moving and powerful experience. 
Dave Simmons boasted his grandmother, Fern Gerber, who is today 107 years old.
Linc Janus boasted our exchange student, Potter, who participated in a talent contest at ETHS, the only boy courageous enough to sing.  He performed “Listen” by Beyonce.
Harold Bauer stated that he did not have a roast or boast, but a comment.  During travel he was reminded what a difference it made to be received at a Rotary meeting as a visitor, and to remind Rotarians to take a moment to interact and help visitors feel welcome, especially visitors from other countries.
Paul Harris Award
Bob Teska, who was a greeter and provided the Thought for the Day, was also the recipient today of a Paul Harris Award Plus 6! Bob praised the fast turnaround to acknowledge the award.
Bob Teska
Topic: YWCA and New Housing Options for Survivors of Domestic Violence
Speaker: Kathy Slaughter, Vice President of Development at YWCA Evanston/North Shore
Penelope Sachs, Board Member of the YWCA, and previous YWCA Board Member Kate Collinson were identified in the audience.
The YWCA is not a “sister” organization to the YMCA, “although we love them,” Kathy said. “We are a social justice organization.  Our mission is to empower women and eliminate racism.  We believe women have the right to be safe and choose the direction of their own lives.  Our work focuses on eliminating violence.  We know too many women lack economic security and face economic as well as gender discrimination.  We have our own independent funding streams at the 200 independent YWCAs across the country, but we all share the common mission of eliminating racism and empowering women.”
Founded in 1931, the local organization serves 16 communities from Devon Ave., Chicago, to Lake Cook Road, in the north, west from Evanston to Rte. 294.  They work with individuals and organizations in this area and impact 10,000 people a year with their programs through training, direct service, and advocacy.  With its public events, the group impacts some 16,000 people annually.  YWCA hosts The Race Against Hate, and sponsors Stand Against Racism. 
Programs are focused in four areas.  Freedom from violence is the YWCA’s largest program.  It is the largest provider of emergency shelter in the area, counseling, legal counseling, as well as violence prevention in the schools.  The second area is racial and gender equity, and this work involves education and training.  The third area is economic advancement, where the YWCA focuses on financial literacy and education with a job training that graduated its first culinary class with people already finding employment.  The fourth area is aquatics access and opportunity.  The YWCA has a thriving swimming program as an activity for women to swim, people of color, and a youth program with the largest learn-to-swim program in the state of Illinois, and is one of only a few YWCAs that still maintains a pool.
The latest news is a new on-site building.  The YWCA has raised $14.7 million, or 79% of the $18.5 million goal.  Expected completion of the building is Spring of 2021.
Helen Oloroso and Kathy Slaughter
Guests and Milestones
Our speaker, Kathy Slaughter, Vice President of Development at YWCA Evanston/North Shore, and Penelope Sachs, a Board Member at YWCA.
Stewart Leland, guest of Bill Glader
Club Anniversaries
Lesley Peters, 5 years
Keith Sarpolis, 14 years