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Nov 19, 2019
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Internation Service Committee Meeting
One Rotary Center Lower Level Meeting Room
Nov 25, 2019
7:15 AM – 8:30 AM
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Meeting Notes from October 29, 2019
The Light for October 29, 2019
By Chris Joyce
Photography by John Searles
President Helen Oloroso opened the meeting with a welcome and led us in a recitation of the Rotary pledge. Paul Brown presented the Thought For the Day, “Somewhere, someone else is happy with less than you have,” and “A positive attitude may not solve all problems, but it annoys enough people to make it worthwhile.”
Helen Oloroso announced that Marv Edelstein is looking for volunteers to assist him with the weekly streaming of the club meeting. According to Marv, it is not difficult and the volunteer will learn some technology, as well as the chance to share in the munificent salary he receives. Four volunteers will be sufficient.   
Marisa Naujokas had several announcements regarding the Holiday Sale.
Thanksgiving orders are due Nov. 7. This is a hard date for hams, with some flexibility for other items.
Go to for our traditional website. Enter orders promptly.
The security certificate issue will be resolved shortly. Credit cards can be processed only by either writing card information on order sheets or by asking your customer to email information to
Consider donating a ham to Streetwise for Thanksgiving. Email Marisa to order.
Any questions? Email Marisa
Patrick Mbullo announced that the International Service Committee met Monday, Oct. 27.
There were presentations from Andrea Prodohl from Brazil and David Baskin from Israel, founder of Ani Shishi,  an organization that provides job training for at-risk youth.
The committee is planning a retreat in early January 2020.
Ann Searles had several announcements.
Thanks for the brown pill bottles. They go to the Evanston Lions Club, which sends them to Haiti.
Thanks for the calendars. They go to Refugee One for use with refugees.
Next week, we will be collecting vases for Random Acts of Flowers. Volunteers make floral arrangements to give to nursing homes and hospitals.
Joan Borg announced that the Club Service Committee is planning a fellowship event--bowling. After an informal poll of the club, enough members were interested so the planning will continue.
Kathy Tate-Bradish had two announcements:
The next Membership Committee meeting will be the evening of Monday, Nov. 25.
Kathy will be leading a discussion of why Illinois needs a fair tax and why we should vote in November 2020 in favor of an Illinois constitutional amendment allowing a change in the state income tax from a flat rate to a graduated rate. The discussion will be held Tuesday, Nov. 7, 7-8:30 p.m., at the Evanston Library Main Branch.  
Susan Prout announced that the Community Service Committee has approved a $1,000 donation to be a sponsor of the Evanston Police and Fire Foundation fundraiser this Friday, Nov. 1, at the Evanston Art Center. With the sponsorship, we received one $75 ticket to the event. Susan auctioned off the ticket, and the winner, Dave Simmons, will make a $50 donation to our Club Foundation. Additional tickets can be purchased at
Special Presentations
Andrea Prodohl Kovalczum from the Rotary Club of Curitiba, Brazil, discussed her club’s current project, a social and environmental project: Brazil without Gaps. Volunteers re-purpose used tetra pack milk boxes to provide insulation and warmth to the homes of families living in zones of social vulnerability in the metropolitan region of Curitiba. Many of the houses they cover are built with slats of wood and are open to wind, cold, and insects. They have covered around 200 houses. They are now raising funds to replace an old equipment van.
To raise funds for this project, Andrea auctions souvenirs of her club at the clubs she is visiting. Today, she had two coffee mugs with her club and our club logos on them, as well as a wine goblet. After some fierce bidding, Kathy Tate-Bradish and Linda Gerber each bought a mug for $30, while Steve Steiber bought the wine goblet for $40. An exchange of club banners also occurred.
Andrea Prodohl Kovalczum and Helen Oloroso
Mia Tavalouris from Connections for the Homeless thanked us for our generous donation from the Taste of Evanston funds. The funds will be used in connection with their mission to end homelessness.
There are three factors that are crucial to ending homelessness. First, of course, is prevention. Provide opportunities for these individuals so that homelessness is avoided. Second is shelter. Some of the funds provided are going to open the first dedicated women’s shelter in Evanston. Funds are also used to support Hilda’s, their current shelter.
Finally, there needs to be access to affordable housing. To this end, Connections is working with Joining Forces, and Evanston coalition of churches, organizations, and other entities working on the affordable housing problem.  
Mia Tavalouris
Keith Banks from Reba Place Development Corporation also thanked the club for its generous donation. The funds last year were used to refurbish the basement area at their Seward Avenue property so that the area was available for use by the residents as a community room. A new HVAC unit has been installed, along with new windows and new furnishings. The room has been dedicated as the Rotary room.  This year’s funds will be used to create new affordable housing units.
Keith Banks
Speaker: Steve Steiber
Topic: Wrapup of the 2019 Taste of Evanston
The goal this year was to have 40 restaurants, a larger tent and seating space, more sponsorships, and a gross revenue goal of $100,000. All goals were met, except falling a little short on the target revenue. The net goal was met.
We can now say that the Taste of Evanston is Evanston’s signature summer event. This year there were 500 paid attendees, and 150 volunteers and sponsors.  Net profit was $50,611.
We are always interested in feedback, to learn how we can improve the Taste of Evanston experience. Some 80 attendees completed an on-line survey. Ten answered questions at length. Respondents thought that the event was very well organized. In fact, 62 percent said extremely well organized, 35% very, and no negative comments.
Some 74 percent felt the event was a “feel good” event, with again no negative comments. Some 69 percent felt that, prior to the event, they had received all of the information that they needed about the event, with only 3 percent saying they had not received enough. Most felt the event was the right length. And finally, there was an overall rating of 76% responding that the event was excellent, with no negative responses. 
People especially liked the food. “Best food ever for a Taste event. But not so much food that it was overwhelming”. “Getting to sample food from restaurants that I don’t usually go to.”
For Taste 2020, a plurality of respondents encouraged us to keep presenting the event. One idea to improve the event was to have fans in the eating area, as it was “close” under the tent. Have larger signs for vendors. Have a larger map showing the location of each vendors. Tone down the music and the announcements, as respondents felt they were too loud. We will keep the event going, and work on the suggestions to make the event even better next year.      
Steve Steiber
Guests & Milestones
Visiting Rotarians
Edith Prodohl, Rotary Club of Curitiba Bon Reipo, Brazil
Andre Prodohl Kovalczum, District 1710, France
Andrea Christine Prodohl Kovalczum, Rotary Club of Curitiba Bon Reipo, Brazil
Other Guests
Napat Suppsuntorn (“Potter”), Youth Exchange Student from Thailand
Keith Banks, Reba Place Development Corporation
Mia Tavalouris, Connections for the Homeless
Harvey Newcomb
Club Anniversaries
Sam Lovering, 25 years
Randy Usen, 25 years
Michael Merdinger, 4 years
Ann Weatherhead, 3 years
Next Week
Speaker: Eric Peasah, Founder, Right to Be Free Africa
Scribe: Neil Gambow
Greeters: Kathy Tate-Bradish, Steve Steiber
Thought for the Day: Lincoln Janus