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Meeting Notes from November 10, 2020
The Light for November 10, 2020
By Kate Collinson
President Chris Joyce welcomed members to the meeting before leading the group in the Why We Are Rotarians statement.   In a light moment, Marv Edelstein shared a humorous story about a band of rampaging squirrels and the responses of various faiths to the problem. 
In anticipation of Veterans Day, Chris acknowledged the veterans in our group, thanking them for their service and drawing attention to a fellow Rotarian’s November 11th tradition -- explained in the This Week in the Rotary World section of Chris’ emailed Agenda.   (Chris is also a veteran!)
Bruce Baumberger excitedly reported that the Holiday Sale website is now open for business!!  The upgraded website allows our customers to place their own orders (with contactless delivery by their associated Rotarian).  The new system allows Rotarians to track their personal orders, as well as those placed by their friends and families.   
Bruce explained that each Rotarian would be receiving an important email at 8:30 a.m. today.  The attached ‘packet’ of documents includes everything needed to work with the new system – including order form, flyer, and a copy of the step-by-step orientation that Steve Goranson succinctly presented to the club. 
As Steve explained, everything starts with our URL:
The first time that a Rotarian signs on, it’s necessary to do some basic set-up.   (Please note that this is well-covered in the Holiday Sale Management and Ordering document that you have received via email.)
After the initial set-up, the website functions like a typically shopping platform.  You will see improved photos and descriptions of all of our items and will also have the opportunity to donate cash or hams (to Streetwise, Connections or the Chessmen). 
After adding items to your cart, you will check out and receive an immediate order confirmation.  While it is still possible to pay with a check (Cash On Delivery – COD), we are encouraging shoppers to limit contact by using a credit card.  
Please take a close look at the emailed documents – in particular, the Instructions for Holiday Sale Management & Ordering.  It is an excellent guide to the website and all things Holiday Sale!  And, as always, please reach out to members of the Holiday Sale Committee (listed in the email) with questions, observations, and suggestions.
One caveat: For the next few days, only members of the Holiday Sale committee or the testing group (highlighted in yellow on the emailed spreadsheet) may place orders.  An email will be sent to all members when the website is open for all!   This final test period will allow us to make sure the system is working smoothly and that some of the trickier functionalities (old customers appearing on a Rotarian’s dashboard, for example) are operating properly.
Bruce also boasted our current sales leader – Harold Bauer – who has sold 36 poinsettias to The Mather and five poinsettias to the Evanston Art Center.   Chris Joyce offered the helpful suggestion of segregating Holiday Sale info in a separate folder on your desktop.
Club Service Chair Katherine Peterson announced that her committee will be meeting tomorrow (November 11) at 7:30 a.m. via Zoom.   Katherine explained that today’s voluntary walk – meeting at 3:30 p.m. at the Ecology Center parking lot – will take place if it’s not actively raining. 
Housing Chair Ann Weatherhead shared some exciting news.  Last night, the Planning and Development Committee of the Evanston City Council reviewed the latest version of a proposed high-rise housing project at 1900 Sherman Avenue which will add 51 units of Affordable Housing for seniors.  Twelve representatives from Joining Forces for Affordable Housing – including Ann! – spoke in favor of the project.  The committee voted unanimously to move the project forward to the City Council.  Ann  and Chris also thanked Bruce Baumberger for alerting them to a helpful session on Homelessness held at Rotary One.
Special Announcements
Chris Joyce recently presented a Paul Harris Award to Lincoln Janus for his continuing generosity to The Rotary Foundation. 
Chris enjoyed meeting Viviane Forsberg in front of RI to pass along her blue badge, a sign of her integration into the ELRC.  Thanks for your efforts, Viviane.  We look forward to working with you!
Roasts & Boasts
Postponed until next week
Topic:  Emergency Management & Disaster Planning: How the Community Comes Together in the Time of COVID
Speaker: Katie Freeman, Hagerty Consulting
Linda Gerber introduced Katie Freeman as an emergency management professional with extensive experience in training and exercises, disaster housing, capabilities assessments, and emergency planning.
The Director of Operations at Hagerty Consulting, she has led teams and volunteer groups, managed multi-state preparedness campaigns, and coordinated exercises throughout the country.  She is knowledgeable about mass care and shelter, mass casualty incidents and radiological events, and is an experienced catastrophic planner.   
Prior to Hagerty, Katie worked as a Policy Analyst for the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).   Noting that “it’s a great time to be Katie,” she charted the evolution of her career from policy analyst and consultant to operations management.  Katie’s work at Hagerty Consulting currently supports business development and corporate functions (90%) and client consultation (10%).
Hagerty Consulting was founded in 2001 out of necessity when Steve Hagerty and wife Lisa Altenbernd relocated to Evanston to advance Lisa’s education.  Prior to founding HC, Steve was a consultant with Price Waterhouse and subsequently the Office of Government Services at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC). 
The post “9-11” recovery in lower Manhattan was a very successful, early example of recovery consulting by Steve and his associates.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides grants to state and local authorities for their response and recovery efforts (debris removal, road repair, reconstruction, etc.).
Hagerty Consulting, from 2001-2004 focused largely on cost recovery management.  Hurricane Katrina in 2005 changed the game as many additional functions were needed – housing program development, direct assistance to survivors, periodic assessment for FEMA, etc.  Post-Katrina, Hagerty Consulting has focused on state and local entities, spending time pre-disaster on readiness and post-disaster on direct response.  Hagerty Consulting now works to help clients throughout the country with Preparedness, Response & Recovery. 
Hagerty Consulting has been tracking COVID since January, working to establish corporate readiness.  In early March, calls began from such clients as Salt Lake County, Barnes Jewish Hospital, the State of California Department of Public Health and the City of Austin.  Clients were concerned about continuity of operations, non-congregate shelters for the homeless, opportunities for essential workers and their families. 
Hagerty consultants were developing plans/procedures in real time -- for alternate care sites, related needs (ambulance service, equipment and respirator requirements, electrical system support).   COVID was not the only issue, however. Florida was facing a difficult hurricane season and California was experiencing the most active wildfire season on record.  Multi-agency coordination and distribution of scarce resources were critical to these efforts.
COVID vaccine(s) and distribution are a prime focus now.  Operation Warp Speed appears to be having some success.  Recent news has included a 90% efficacy rate for the Pfizer vaccine and a new and effective therapeutic.  Even with good news, clients will need to define essential workers (medical personnel? transit employees? sanitation workers? tiered system?), how to prioritize (schools? teachers? vulnerable populations?).  How effective is the vaccine and how can it be delivered (2-shot follow-up, resources needed, vaccine sites, cold storage, staffing, communications, messaging)?  Katie recommended “Inside the Warp Speed Effort” which aired on 60 Minutes on Sunday, Nov. 8.
Katie noted that “recovery takes time” and recovery from COVID is even more complicated!  In the aftermath of a natural disaster, experts are able to calculate damage and repair costs.  As a nation, we have under-invested in public health.  With COVID, there is much uncertainty re: business closures, effects of relocations from major metro areas, etc.  
In addition to the general revenue loss from COVID-19, state and local governments/communities face challenging tax revenue losses.  Some funding sources are available, but eligibility and allocation can be complex.  Katie stressed the importance of offering national access to Hagerty’s “lessons learned.”  State and local government agencies, private non-profits and others can benefit from this resource sharing.  
Guests & Milestones
Club Anniversaries
Eric Schmelling – November 10, 11 years
Lesley Peters – November 13, 6 years
Keith Sarpolis – November 15, 15 years
Next Week’s Speaker
District Governor Lyle Staab