Feb 02, 2021
Allison Plyer-Chair of the US Census Committee
From Pandemic to Prosperity

Pandemic to Prosperity represents a trusted, relevant, highly-curated, and vetted source of information crucial for steering society toward a fair and complete recovery, resulting in a better union than before the pandemic started. This resource is essential in a world where there is almost too much data to process, and verified facts are often overcome by disinformation.

Recovery from the pandemic will vary across communities, and different populations will face different barriers to achieving shared prosperity. Pandemic to Prosperity’s thoughtfully-curated data will make the challenges facing the nation’s most vulnerable populations visible so they are not left behind. In addition, this reliable, unbiased source of information will be essential in aligning efforts across public and private sectors, and eliminate working at cross-purposes.

The National Conference on Citizenship (NCOC) developed the Pandemic to Prosperity series that builds on NCOC’s data infrastructure and advocacy network developed for its national Civic Health Index, and leverages the authors’ success with The New Orleans Index, which informed a myriad of public and private decisions and actions post-Katrina. The common base of trusted information conveyed through the Pandemic to Prosperity series will support active, alert, and conscientious recovery efforts – that include all of America.