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Meeting  Notes for May 4, 2021
The Light for May 4, 2021
By Kate Collinson
President Chris Joyce welcomed members to the meeting before leading the group in the Why We Are Rotarians statement.    Jean Saunders shared a Thought for the Day in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.  In the words of ‘creative troublemaker’ Andrea Balt, “Turn your demons into art, your shadow into a friend, your fear into fuel, your failures into teachers, your weaknesses into more reasons to keep fighting. Don't waste your pain. Recycle your heart.”  
In his written agenda, President Chris Joyce reminded members that 2021-2022 District Grant applications are due by June 15.  It’s also possible to register (and pay less) for the 2021 Virtual Rotary Convention (June 12-16).  Through May 7, registration is just $49 – for an opportunity to network in virtual lounges, meet new partners in service, and join fun activities with Rotarians from around the world!   Chris also boasted the soon-to-be-chartered Rotary Club of Evanston Nouveau for their well-attended and family-friendly Earth Day cleanup at Harbert-Payne Park.
Chris expressed kudos to the Rotarians from Evanston, Evanston Lighthouse, Wilmette, Wilmette Harbor and Northeast Chicagoland Passport who volunteered for the Great Lakes Adopt-A-Beach on April 24.  He also thanked Steve Goranson and Jean Saunders for their efforts with Beach Clean-up and Earth Day.
Sunshine Lady Ann Searles had a great phone call with Horton Kellogg on his 93rd birthday last week.  Horton will be transferring back to his apartment from the health care section of Westminster Place.  Ann thanked Albert Menard for his help keeping in touch with Rotarians unable to attend meetings. 
Bill Glader updated members on the recent Taste of Evanston meeting focused on Sponsorships.  With a September 19 date, it is hoped that TOE can return to the Dawes Center as an ‘in person’ event.  This will be an excellent PR opportunity for the club and event sponsors. While the team has a long list of companies they plan to approach, they would be grateful for any ‘warm leads’ from our membership.   
If you have any contacts/connections at potential sponsors, please let Bill, Randy Usen, Mike Merdinger, or Steve Steiber know. Randy explained that they are seeking connections with: automobile dealers such as SKA Motors and Evanston Subaru in Skokie (new McGrath Group ownership),  industries that have done well during the pandemic including mortgage/real estate brokers, construction firms, roofers, NW Medicine (moving into Barnes & Noble site), Magnetar Capital, GA Johnson Construction, pet services/suppliers, Home Depot, major grocery chains, telecommunications and internet providers, handymen, appliance services, investment firms, and individuals who are pro-Evanston or committed to fighting housing insecurity. 
There are a number of sponsorship levels:  $10,000 (naming partner), $5,000, $2,500, $1,000, and $500. Because restaurants have been hard hit over the last year, TOE is introducing a new Restaurant Sponsorship program. For $500, you can sponsor a local TOE restaurant, allowing them to participate without bearing the full cost of their donated food items. In addition to individuals and Rotarians, sponsor targets for this program are food service companies (Gordon Food Service, Sysco, U.S. Food).   Please contact Bill or Randy to request a sponsorship packet. 
An important milestone in Rotary history: Linda Gerber noted that the Rotary Club of Duarte, California’s membership in the Rotary International organization was terminated in 1987 because the club had admitted women.  On May 4, 1987, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected RI’s contention that the policy of excluding women was protected by the First Amendment and ordered the Duarte Club's reinstatement.  In 1989, the Council on Legislation voted to change the Constitution and Bylaws to officially welcome women into Rotary.  Our own Ann Searles joined Rotary in 1988.
New Member Installation
As President Chris Joyce noted, it’s a great day when our Club is able to install two new members!  In turn, Chris virtually welcomed Clarence Weaver (with Sponsor Bryant Wallace) and Evan Girard (with Sponsor Kristin Brown) into the Club. Gary Peterson and Eric Schmelling will be their respective mentors.   Congratulations to Clarence and Evan!  We look forward to getting to know you and working closely in the years to come!
Roasts & Boasts
Bill Glader boasted Kristin Brown and husband Mahmoud , who prepared a homemade Palestinian dinner when Bill’s wife, Sara, recently broke her arm.   As Kristin explained, they were “paying it forward” after all of the kindness shown them during Mahmoud’s COVID hospitalization and recovery. The dinner included an illustrated cookbook with recipes prepared for Kristin and family last year. She noted that today is the one-year anniversary of Mahmoud’s intubation. They are grateful to everyone who got them through that difficult time! 
Via Zoom chat, Chris and Joy Joyce also thanked Linc and Myra Janus, Ann Searles, and Kathy Tate-Bradish for foods shared while Joy was recovering from an injury.
Steve Steiber thanked Sergeant-at-Arms Nick Powers for his encyclopedic knowledge and interesting questions every week.  As Steve noted, it’s a great spark in the morning! 
Linda Gerber thanked Bill Glader, Sue Bova, Kristin Brown, and Nick Powers, who delivered 100+ meals prepared by Nakorn Kitchen.  Thanks to Sam Rattanopas, Chef Q. Ibraheem, Stephanie Mendoza, and the many individuals who have supported this weekly effort.   Chris Joyce noted that Chef Q. was recently mentioned in the Chicago Tribune for feeding those in need during the pandemic.
Speaker: Clarence Weaver
Title: C&W Market
Bryant Wallace introduced Clarence Weaver, co-founder of C&W Market & Ice Cream Parlor, the grocery/essentials, snack and lunch break shop at Church and Dodge.  Clarence (and his wife Wendy) started the market in April 2014 after a 41-year career as an IT professional.
Over the past year, Clarence has dedicated himself to the needs of the community, fighting food insecurity with weekly grocery giveaways.  Clarence is involved with many organizations, including Second Baptist Church and the Black Business Consortium.  Bryant has enjoyed getting to know him as a founder, ‘brother’ and conversationalist, and the ELRC is very happy to welcome Clarence to our ranks! 
Remarking that he looked forward to calling himself a Rotarian, Clarence noted the parallels between Rotary’s Service, Friendship ,and Fellowship approach and his own wholistic Community Service model.  Early in the pandemic, Clarence and Wendy identified 25 seniors who needed groceries.  While worried like everyone else, the Weavers chose not to close up shop, staying open to meet essential needs. 
They began by making sure the seniors had what they needed. While a SILO mentality permeates many institutions, corporations, and churches – that is, an inward-looking mindset that resists sharing info and resources with others outside its circle -- Clarence knew that was not the solution for this time. 
Having worked his way up in the IT field, Clarence realized that managing work requires knowing people.  Clarence saw the needs and developed a way to meet them, while respecting the dignity of the recipients. 
Give without measure; give the best of what you have; give only things that you would take home yourself.  They spread the word about their weekly grocery giveaways and gave, without judgement, without sharing info, without jeopardizing anyone’s immigration status. As Clarence explained, remote work and online education can only succeed if struggling families aren’t hungry.
‘Here to serve the community’ was the tag line for C&W, even before COVID.   Community Service efforts eventually pivoted as organizations rallied to help C&W help others.  Individuals – like Bryant, Joe Moos, and Linda – stepped in to assist.  “If you’re doing the right thing, the right people will show up.”
In spite of the tragic death of the Weavers’ son in August, not a single Saturday grocery giveaway was missed.
The Evanston Community Foundation assisted with funding, despite not having worked with ‘for profit’ groups in the past.  What mattered was the need!  Participants (seniors, District 65 families, students) could walk up or drive up.  The Weavers had repurposed the corner of Church and Dodge as a “vessel to get directly to the needs of the community.”   Funds are still sought for this effort, via C&W’s Go Fund Me page.
COVID has outlasted many predictions.  Despite rising vaccinated numbers, the pandemic – and food needs – continue.  As a YOU Board member, entrepreneur, and part of the 2nd Baptist Ministerial team, Clarence is “in the loop,” able to get feedback.  He has seen from a religious perspective what it means to give and serve. His passion for the community and belief in a model of friendship and fellowship have made the unlikely corner of Church and Dodge a space where you will find new friends. 
Linda Gerber cited Clarence’s nobility and sacredness of purpose when he delivered food to an International Service Committee retreat last year. 
C&W Market’s efforts (with Bryant’s weekly assistance) have grown over the past 55 weeks, now serving approximately 200 families/week.  Not just a snack shop (as one might expect, adjacent to a high school) C&W Market offers a full range of essentials, including produce, dairy, and meat.  Giveaways continue, with masked helpers and appropriate social distancing.
What will happen going forward?  Clarence looks to new partnerships and new connections (Feeding America?), leveraging appropriate technology, adding a sprinter for deliveries, and finding new families in need (as others wean themselves off). Clarence plans to continue down that path, always ready… to serve one another and lift one another.
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